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The Constitutional Court ( MK ) buried dreams eccentric lawyer Federal tax refund calculator economic and business Abbas became regent Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi ( Federal tax refund calculator economic and business ). Participation in the election as regent Kolaka 2013-2018 aground decision of the Court.

“Passing, stating the applicant’s principal case rejects plea entirely,”said Hamdan Zoelva presiding at the hearing at the Court House, Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta, Monday ( 02/12/2013 ).

Farhat who pocketed number 3 in the elections this Kolaka filed Dispute Election Results ( PHPU ) to MK. He objected to the determination of the Tender Kolaka stating pair number 1 – M Ahmad Safei Jayadin won the election.

In their argument, calling Farhat Ahmad pair number 1 Safei had abused his authority as a former Secretary of the Regional District and served Kolaka expert staff governor of Southeast Sulawesi. Also called Ahmad Safei and her partner have made use of the budget. But all the Court rejected the argument of the Farhat

“Evidence and the evidence of other applicant does not prove anything and does not legal grounds. Every argument of the other witnesses alleged only seporadis alone, did not show systematic violations,”the judge said Arief Hidayat .

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